Vision for the Future

Vision for the Future

Where would you and I be today if not for the grace of God? How much different would our lives be now if they weren’t built on a solid foundation of faith in Jesus?

For tens of thousands of Deaf children and kids who struggle with spoken language, building a foundation of faith is very difficult. Far more difficult than it was for you and me.

Is this because they lack the ability to understand about God? Not at all!

What they lack is systematic teaching of God’s truth in ways they can best understand—through visual images and sign language.

Bigger than Dr. Wonder

From what you’ve maybe already seen on the website, you know that our weekly television series, Dr. Wonder’s Workshop, is the only program in the world with an all Deaf cast teaching Biblical truth in American Sign Language. For the first time, Deaf children along with their hearing friends and family have been able to tune into this program (from almost anywhere in North America and in many places around the world) to learn how much God loves them and how much He wants a relationship with them. Dr. Wonder’s Workshop is groundbreaking! It’s exciting! It’s reaching millions!

But it’s not enough. Not nearly enough.

You see, the best we can really do through a 30 minute TV series is to introduce these kids to Christian thought. Each week we can teach them an important life lesson, tell them a short Bible story, and help them to see the application of those truths through an object lesson and a song. The truths we share on the series are precious and valuable, and we make them easy for the children to understand.

The impact of the series has been tremendous. Lives are being changed!

But 30 minutes a week is just not enough!

To help children build a strong foundation for faith, they need to understand the nature of God, our need for redemption, and the sacrifice of Jesus that makes that redemption possible.

So what more can we do?

For some time now now, we’ve been praying and thinking about what tools and experiences it would take to give Deaf children what they need to build that strong foundation of Christian faith beyond what we currently provide…

Maybe you have experienced the process of adding on. You start with plans scratched on a paper napkin while dreaming over lunch. The next step is fleshing out your amateur lines with architects and contractors, refining plans to connect the vision to the existing structure.

Silent Blessings is looking at “adding on.” No, we don’t own any property per se. But we see greater potential and purpose in the mission God has entrusted to us. That vision demands growth, planning, and support.

Here is what we believe is next:

1. A comprehensive and interactive online Christian curriculum designed to teach Deaf children the scope of God’s redemptive love

2. A module for engaging parents (even those who lack signing skills)

3. A module for Christian educators and Sunday School teachers

4. Dr. Wonder’s Workshop branded VBS curriculum designed for kids both hearing and Deaf

Can you imagine what a game-changer this initiative could be for Deaf children and their families? I am absolutely convinced that all these things can be done. No doubt you agree that they should be done!

Building a foundation for foundation building.

We will start laying the foundation for these new projects soon this year.

Step One will be to meet with parents of Deaf children, Deaf educators, and Deaf pastors and leaders getting their input on the shape that these new resources should take.

Step Two is to meet with the leaders of the most creative and effective Deaf ministries in America to see how we can all work together on this new initiative. Silent Blessings has had a long history of collaboration with Deaf Missions, Deaf Video Communications, DOOR International, Deaf Teen Quest, and many other local and national ministries. I’m confident we can find ways to further coordinate our efforts.

We will have a solid plan for the development of this foundation-building initiative by early 2013. We will have specific steps and tasks outlined with dates and budgets.

What does the future of Silent Blessings look like?

This new effort will be a huge undertaking, but I know it can be done, and I believe that God is calling Silent Blessings to step forward and take on this initiative.

Already, Silent Blessings has a number of assets to bring to this project, not the least of which are the multitude of video lessons from Dr. Wonder’s Workshop, which can be used in other applications. We also have close working relationships with many national Deaf ministries, an extensive network of volunteers, a production studio, and years of experience in producing Christian educational materials for Deaf children.

What we will need in order to complete this major undertaking, however, is to build a team of creative people with specific talents and experience. That means growing financially each year over the next four years.

Your partnership is needed more than ever as we move forward in this exciting new venture. We need your prayers, and we need your financial support. Not just right now, but in the years ahead.

Would you consider joining us on this exciting journey of Foundation Building? If you would be willing to support us financially toward these goals, please take a few minutes to make a donation.

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