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Recommended Ministries

These are ministries with whom we have worked personally and thus we feel perfectly comfortable recommending them and their services to you.

We have verified each of these ministries links at one time, but websites are always changing. We’ll do our best to stay on top of this list and keep it updated for you, but if you find an outdated or a broken link, we’d really appreciate your letting us know through our Contact Form.

Silent Blessings Deaf MinistriesThat's us! If you haven't taken the time yet to look around and see what we have to offer here, we'd like to invite you to visit us first. Then come back here to meet some of our sister ministries.
Deaf Family MinistriesAn international, non-profit, Biblically-based, non-denominational ministry dedicated to deaf people and their families. Their mission is to provide teaching to win people to Christ, help deaf families grow in relationship with Christ and each other, and build Deaf ministries and churches. They offer family workshops and seminars as well as a variety of books, tapes, and other materials.
The Deaf InstituteThis ministry, based in Cincinnati, OH, serves churches interested in starting Deaf ministries and also serves deaf children and their parents. They inform people about deafness, teach sign language, develop interpreters, and encourage the development of leaders in the Deaf community.
Deaf Ministries WorldwideSending HIS Light and Truth to Deaf people everywhere. That's the mission goal of this dynamic ministry from Sulphur, OK. Founded by a deaf man and his wife, DMW offers a number of ministry materials. They have a beautiful retreat center for Deaf pastors and missionaries to find rest and renewal.
Deaf MissionsThis is one of the largest free-standing Deaf ministries in the US. Located in Council Bluffs, IA, they offer a number of videos, books, and other materials either for purchase or through their lending library. They are in the process of translating the entire Bible into ASL. They also produce Daily Devotionals for the deaf; they offer a Deaf family camp in the summer, in addition to too many programs to mention here. Their website is huge. Go check it out.
Deaf Video CommunicationsDeaf Video Communications of America, Inc. (DVC) has a wonderful facility in Carol Stream, IL, which houses a lending library of ASL and captioned videos, a video production facility which produces original ministry-oriented materials in sign language, and a conference center which hosts educational and inspirational workshops for deaf people and those who are involved in Deaf ministry. DVC is dedicated to (1) evangelize the Deaf with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, (2) assist the Deaf in their walk and growth with the Lord, and (3) support the pastors and missionaries worldwide who are already ministering to the Deaf.
Gospel Ministries for the DeafFounded in 1971, GMD exists to use all means available to win the Deaf to faith in Christ. Best known for their Northwest Christian Camp for the Deaf and their work with the Patterned Language method, they have also worked in the leadership of the D-E-A-F for Christ Education Coalition.
International Institute of Deaf ServicesPaul William Ellis formed this ministry in 1994 to train and enable deaf individuals and interpreters, and work with the Deaf to evangelize and train others. They offer ASL workshops, seminars, and conferences.
DOOR InternationalDOOR International (formerly Deaf Opportunity Out Reach) is involved in developing strong Deaf churches in several nations of the world. They run several regional training centers where they seek to equip and empower Deaf “nationals” to bring the light of Jesus into their culture.
Deaf Teen QuestThe best way to understand Deaf Teen Quest is as a "Youth For Christ"-type outreach ministry for deaf teenagers. Currently there are six affiliates... Louisville, Cincinnati, Danville/Lexington (KY), Omaha, Mobile, and Portland (OR). Three more (including Indianapolis) are in the developing stages. They also sponsor the annual Deaf Teen Ministry National Symposium and two summer camps for Deaf teens. It's an exciting program.
Deaf Ministries ConnectionsThis list, lovingly compiled and constantly updated by Earl and Shirley Wilbur, is the most complete "raw" list of churches, ministries, and resources we've found. There is a lot of stuff in here, and because people and ministries change so quickly, even with all their efforts, it's hard to keep up with everything. Still, it is worth your while to have a copy of this.

Additional Ministries

Honestly, we don’t know so much about these folks, but we’ve heard good things about them all, and we encourage you to check out their websites.

Canadian Deaf Ministries
Mill Neck Foundation
Bill Rice Ranch
Deaf World Ministries
Southern Baptist Convention
Silent Word Ministries
Ozark Christian College
World Christian Resource Directory
Multi Media Evangelism
Council of Churches
Commissioned Believers Deaf Ministry