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The purpose of this site is to connect you with useful resources and organizations you may find helpful.  It is one of the ministries of Silent Blessings, a Christian nonprofit organization founded by the man you saw in the welcome video above. Marshall and his wife Terry were not prepared when their younger daughter was born deaf in early 1985, but that experience, though painful at the time, introduced them to a world they never knew existed. If you would like to see more about their personal story and the founding of Silent Blessings, click here.

This organization is very pro American Sign Language (ASL).  We believe it is a precious key that unlocks entry into a world of great possibilities, personal acceptance, and deep friendships, and a rich cultural experience for Deaf people that they cannot find in any other way.  This does not mean we are against any other method or technology.  We think the more tools a deaf person has in his/her toolbox the better!  But we firmly believe that one of the most important tools is ASL.  That’s why almost all the resources and organizations we recommend promote ASL.

The Deaf Culture

In this website, and in many documents, you will often see the word “Deaf” (with an upper case D) and you may wonder how that is different from “deaf.” Well the word “deaf” refers to anyone who has a severe to profound hearing loss. But the word Deaf refers to those people who consider themselves as part of a unique socio-linquistic people group which has a very unique and fully formed culture based on American Sign Language (ASL).  Click here to learn more about the Silent World.

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop is the children’s television series we produce in partnership with Deaf Missions and Deaf Video Communications.  It’s performed in American Sign Language by an all Deaf cast. It’s also captioned in English and Spanish and it has a full audio track with voice overs, sound effects, and music, so it’s fun and educational for everyone.  It’s a great way to bring Deaf families together, but it’s also being used in ministries with Deaf adults.  To find out more click the logo on the left.

Downloadable Resources

We have a number of useful resources you can download right from this site. They include video and audio clips, a 12-page guide to Building Deaf Ministries That Work, the text of a booklet called Shattering the Silence and even a 45 minute evangelistic video called God’s Unconditional Love based on our of the episodes of our TV series Dr. Wonder’s Workshop. Click on the picture to go to the download page and choose the items you like.

Ministry Links

A Google search will turn up all kinds of links to “ministries” but, sadly, it’s hard to know what they teach or how committed they really are. Through the years we’ve partnered with some wonderful people who are doing great work in connecting Deaf families (and we use that term to mean any family with a Deaf member) with Jesus. On the Ministry Links page we identify many ministries we’ve worked with and others we’ve heard good things about.

Other Links

On the Other Links page you’ll find additional people, organizations, and resources you might find helpful. Everything from publishers of ASL instructional materials to advocacy groups to major college programs for Deaf people.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, there’s a good chance some of these people or organizations can help you locate what you need.

Other services we provide

Silent Blessings also provides the following services:

Please contact our offices at 877-FOR-DEAF (877-367-3323) for more information.

One last thing before you go

We’ve told you about us.  We’d appreciate it if you would tell us about yourself.  If you have a Deaf ministry at your church (or you’re planning to start one soon) please fill out the Deaf Ministry Survey Form.  The link is on the sidebar on this page.  Or leave us a note on our Contact Us page.

Finally, if this site has been a blessing to you, would you please consider making a tax deductible gift to our work?  Just click the picture below to go to our secure donor page.  Thank you and God bless!

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