Downloadable Resources

We are pleased to provide downloadable versions of the resources listed below. You may feel free to print extra copies of any of these files. Just be sure to add any copyright information provided for that particular piece or, if there isn’t any, please add a copyright line that says “Copyright by Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries, Anderson IN.”  Bound copies of The Shattering the Silence booklet may be purchased through our store. We hope that these will be of benefit to you.

Audio/visual materials

“Excerpt from Marshall Lawrence Presentation” (video file)
“A World We Never Knew Existed” (audio file)  As heard on Focus on the Family

Printed resources

“A World We Never Knew Existed” (print file)  Printed transcript of above
“Building Deaf Ministries that Work”  Advice from experienced Deaf pastors
Shattering the Silence  Testimonies from Deaf and hard-of-hearing Christians

Additional information about Silent Blessings and our mission

“Silent Blessings Mission Newsletter”
“Silent Blessings Brochure”

Publicity Helps

Silent Blessings Bulletin Insert
“For/From God” Poster
“Hear Marshall Lawrence” Poster
“Hundreds Have Never Heard” Poster
“If You Couldn’t Hear” Poster
“Imagine” Poster

Marshall Lawrence Photograph
Marshall Lawrence Press Release

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