Selected fanmail and responses.

Why a Ministry to Deaf Children?

From our Mailbag: “576 Deaf people die each day…570 without knowing the Lord Jesus Christ.” – D.P., Illinois Dear D.P., Thank you for sharing your insights with us. These truly are staggering statistics, and the reason for our existence as a ministry. With the advancement of Cochlear Implants and Mainstream schooling, the situation for deaf…

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It’s not about the numbers.

We were recently asked what a “perfect” deaf ministry size would be within a hearing congregation. Ministry is not about numbers — it’s about people in relationship with God and one another.  A perfect ministry, Deaf or otherwise, is a place where the body of Christ can gather for community and serve others through welcome,…

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Help! I don’t want to lie.

Dr. Wonder and the Workshop team teach about living lives that honor Jesus. A fan recently asked for pointers on how to stop lying. Here’s our response: Lying to get out of trouble is among the first things we all learn. This makes it one of the hardest things to stop doing, but as we trust Jesus…

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Fanmail Excerpts

Silent Blessings is a resource development ministry, bringing foundational faith concepts to deaf children and their families using American Sign Language (ASL). We produce the Dr. Wonder’s Workshop TV program, ASL music videos, and Christian curriculum. We also have a one-on-one ministry to those who send us email and letters from around the world. Though Dr….

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Welcoming Deaf People in Your Church

Recently, a letter from a medical student, who is also learning ASL to communicate with deaf clients, asked how to make church an inviting and welcoming place for deaf people. These are some of the points we shared. Thanks for investing yourself in preparing to communicate directly with deaf clients! I trust you are taking…

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