Terry Anne Lawrence PhD

Faith Resources for Special Kids

How many national ministries focus primarily on creating and making available Christian education materials and resources for Deaf children? Who produces a television program that is available on many Christian networks or on line for free?  The answer is simple: One. Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries was created in 1996 to create videos in American Sign…

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Welcoming Deaf People in Your Church

Recently, a letter from a medical student, who is also learning ASL to communicate with deaf clients, asked how to make church an inviting and welcoming place for deaf people. These are some of the points we shared. Thanks for investing yourself in preparing to communicate directly with deaf clients! I trust you are taking…

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Words, Words, Words

Remember high school English and the dreaded research paper? All those rules about style, sources, and the bibliography! The style guide in the textbook listed the rules, but they seemed confusing. Ironically, the purpose wasn’t to confuse you but to increase skills in communicating clearly and discerning facts and truth from personal beliefs or opinion….

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