Announcing Season Four

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop is a program for members of the whole family…

…young and old, hearing or Deaf, Dr. Wonder was made with everyone in mind! All members of the cast are Deaf, and the storyline is delivered in both ASL and then voiced over (it’s even broadcast with both English and Spanish captioning!).  All around the world, families of all types are coming together and learning about the love of Christ through this entertaining program.

The program was designed with children in mind. Over 90% of Deaf children are born into hearing families, which comes with some inevitable communication hurdles to jump. Something as simple as watching television together is a challenge when a child has to use closed-captioning but can’t keep up (or can’t yet read). With Dr. Wonder’s Workshop broadcast in both ASL and voiced-over English, Deaf and hearing alike can enjoy the simple joy of 30 minutes of television entertainment together.

But it’s so much more than that.

Can you imagine not having the ability to tell your own child about Jesus? The depth of God’s love for them? That He hears their prayers, even though they’re not spoken aloud?

What Dr. Wonder’s Workshop offers families – more than anything else – is a framework for discussing faith.


A Quick Look at Dr. Wonder’s Workshop

Click on the video thumbnails in the sidebar (to the right) to watch episodes and sign songs from Dr. Wonder’s Workshop!

Find the Show

It’s pretty easy to find Dr. Wonder scheduled in your area at least once per week! Here’s how to find which station to turn to:

  1. Start by heading over to TV‘s listings page
  2. You will see a link in red that reads “change location/provider” at the top left corner above the listings grid. Follow that link to set your location specifics (zip code, service type, and provider)
  3. Once your information is entered, you should see a grid specific to your information. In the search bar to the upper right, enter “Dr. Wonder’s Workshop“. This should pull up a screen with listings for the coming weeks, including both time and station.
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